Rosey Grier

Обложка альбома Rosey Grier.
  • Трек: It's Alright to Cry
  • Исполнитель (артист): Rosey Grier
  • Длительность 2:25
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Rosey Grier - It's Alright to Cry"

    Peanuts! Popcorn! Peanuts! Popcorn!
    The sporting world's had many teams
    The fans have called first rate
    They had the Yankees in the '40s,
    All agreed were really great.
    Packers and Celtics piled up records
    Hard to beat
    But good as they all seemed to be
    They tasted of defeat.
    No team has ever won them all
    And always stayed on top
    Except that group of superstars
    No team could ever stop.
    A bunch of splended athletes
    Who all stood strong and tall.
    They called themselves the Dream Team
    And their game was basketball.

    The center, a massive collection of bones
    Was known by the nickname of Skyscraper Jones
    The forwards were both brilliant ball handlers, too
    Named Kangaroo Carson and Dead-Eye McGoo
    The guards were two giants who played with great cool
    Called Bulldozer Benson and Hookshot O'Toole.

    Together they worked like a well-oiled machine
    And ran up such scores it was almost obscene.
    The team is unbeatable, everyone said
    And if no one can beat them, then basketball's dead
    Basketball's dead, yes, basketball's dead
    No team will beat them, so no team can meet them,
    The, it's... the... de... ... dead.

    But wait, folks! (Huh, it's not?)
    From out of Indiana like bees from a hive
    Came a little known team called the Jackson 5.
    They came with a mission impossbily tough
    To whip the Dream Team till they holler "Enough!"
    "We'll razzle your frazzle, we'll muzzle you guys!
    "We'll dazzle each one of you right down to size.
    "We'll shiver your timbers till all of you fall.
    The Jacksons will beat you and say basketball!"

    A laugh roars up on the Dream Team's side
    And they laughed so hard that they nearly cried
    "Go home, little boys, get off the court.
    "It's a big man's sport, you're much too short."
    "Too short, my foot, that's just your way
    "Of saying you're afraid to play."
    "Afraid to play? Hear that squirt?
    "Go home before you all get hurt."

    "We'd like to get just one thing straight.
    "We heard you guys was really great.
    "But so far all we've heard is talk.
    "So are you going to play?
    "Or are you going to walk?"

    With that the Dream Team got real mad
    And blew what little cool they had.
    "This time you guys, you've gone too far.
    "We'll show you all how good we are.
    "We'll play you now but we're so sore
    "We may not even let you score."
    "Oh yeah?" "Oh yeah?"
    "We've heard it all.
    "Let's cut the talking. Let's play ball."

    So the teams lined up and the ball was tossed
    And the game got underway.
    And the Dream Team knew from the very first tap
    That the Jacksons knew how to play.
    They dribbled, they passed, they faked, they shot
    They hustled, they drove right on through
    And every time that the Dream Team scored
    Well, the Jackson 5 scored, too.

    When the buzzer went off at the end of the half
    The Dream Team wanted to hide
    They couldn't believe it was happening
    But the score was really tied.

    "We've gotta stop those guys
    "We've gotta stop 'em quick
    "We've gotta realize
    "They're looking mighty slick
    "We've gotta start our drive
    "Or think of some good trick
    "Stop the Jackson 5
    "They're making us look sick!

    "Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick!
    "Hey, I've got a way
    "Let's fill them up with peanuts and popcorn
    "And then see how they play.
    "Hey, Mr Vendor, listen to me
    "Those Jacksons could use some energy
    "So pass out the tray and let them grab
    "We're su
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